Plant Pathology

PLP120. Introduction to Plant Pathology (4 units)

Lecture—2 hours; laboratory—6 hours. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 1C; Microbiology 102 recommended. The nature, cause, and control of plant diseases.—I, III. (I, III.) Bostock, Casteel, Epstein, Falk

PLP210. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plant–Microbe Interaction (4 units)

Lecture/discussion—4 hours. Prerequisite: Biological Sciences 101, 102, 103, and 104, or the equivalent. Discussion of plant–microbe interactions, focused on the underlying cellular, biochemical, and molecular events that determine the diseased state. —II. (II.) Bostock, Coaker

PLP291. Seminar in Molecular Plant Pathology (1 units)

Seminar—1 hour. Prerequisite: course 120 or consent of instructor. Review and evaluation of current literature and research in biochemistry and molecular biology of plant microbe interactions. May be repeated for credit. (S/U grading only.)— II. (II.) Bostock, Coaker,

Science and Society

SAS2. Feeding the Planet: Influences on the Global Food Supply (3 units)

Lecture—3 hours. Scientific principles and dynamic interactions involved in food production, food processing, nutrition, shelf life and marketing from differing viewpoints. Physical, biological and social science issues influencing the availability and safety of the food supply worldwide. GE credit: SciEng or SocSci, Wrt | SE or SS, SL.—II. (II.) Bostock